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Spots that are Haunted, Eerie, or Downright Bizarre

Amityville Horror House, Amityville, NY

These are the places most folks fear to tread. Places where spirits are said to roam and actions defy logical explanations. Odds are, there’s one in your hometown.

A Few Autumn Notes For Your Teen Driver

Zombies come out on October nights--and the consequences do, too.

For all drivers but especially teens, that means the margin for error goes down with the autumn sun.

Don't Let Autumn Chill Zap Battery Power

Who really thinks about their vehicle battery until the car doesn’t start? Problem is, batteries tend to die at the worst possible time in the worst possible place--like a far-flung corner of dimly lit parking lot during a downpour.

Sidestep all that, now, with a service that will have your electrical system shipshape for fall.

Turn Faded Lenses Into Bright Beacons

Do your headlights look like they developed cataracts over the summer?

Here’s how to restore the brightness of your bulbs before a long winter of night driving.

Autumn Inspection For Winter Warmth

Autumn driving is an absolute joy--the changing leaves, the cool days and brisk evenings. Yet, a poorly maintained climate control system can turn a nice outing into an uncomfortable ride. How’s your climate control system holding up after heavy workload this past summer?

Build Your Own Safety Kit for Holiday Travel

Preparation may not prevent an accident, but it certainly helps react to one.

That is especially true for drivers planning road trips during the holiday season. Find out how to build a safety kit that could help save you or your family’s life during an auto emergency.

They Grow Up So Fast: Tips for Teen Drivers

This back-to-school season puts all the lessons about driver safety and vehicle maintenance into play, for students and their parents.

Don’t Leave Home without Them

There’s always room in the car for a device that could save your life or make an emergency less stressful.

Smithsonian Pays Tribute To National Park Celebration

Photo courtesy National Park Service

The National Park Service turns 100 this year and America’s Attic has the decorations handled.

Specifically, the Smithsonian has provided 60 photographs of scores of national parks for the centennial celebration.

Time to Worry About Spots on Driveway?

Take a look at your driveway. Is it stained with a technicolor array of vehicle fluids?

Whether it’s green, red, or brown, a fluid leak isn’t something to ignore. Here’s how to determine where the drip might be coming from.